Overview Love Social Media’s instructor-led online training is a new training format that delivers live, hands-on training to the comfort of your own desk or office. It brings the traditional classroom learning experience directly to you. Our instructor-led online training combines interactive instructor-led sessions with real hands-on exercises. And what is the result? The same level of knowledge and skills transfer as you would receive in a traditional classroom but without the need to travel. 

Our instructors deliver the same high quality courses as in our traditional classroom courses. But now in an interactive and engaging online format.


What are the benefits of instructor-led online training:

  • No travel required!
  • Less time out of office
  • Downloadable PDF course materials
  • Interactive instructor-led sessions
  • Use your own PC
  • Attend the training in the comfort of your own location


Our online classed are delivered as publicly scheduled courses or as private events. Private classes are a powerful solution when team members are geographically dispersed.


Our instructor-led online classes are delivered in blocks of 1 hour. 3 blocks in the morning and 2 blocks in the afternoon. With sufficient time between the blocks to relax and re-energise.


How does it work We run our instructor-led online classes on Google Hangouts. Google’s new and innovative online video conferencing tool in Google+. This is currently the easiest and most efficient way of running online classes.  Google Hangout gives you all the conferencing tools you need like screen sharing, chat and document sharing. We could even stream the online class live on Youtube. 

To use Google Hangout, you need the following:

  • Broadband internet connection
  • Google Gmail account
  • Microphone and speakers connected to your PC
  • Web cam is preferable so the trainer can see you. This is not absolutely required. You will be able to see the trainer, he will be using a web cam
  • Register on Google+ using your gmail account
  • When you signed in to your Google account you see  +you in the top bar. Click that and that will help you in the set up of your Google+


All you then need to do is to email us your Gmail account and the trainer will invite you to join the hangout when the course starts. You will receive an email with a link to the video hangout. When you start the hangout for the first time, your pc will download some drivers to enable the hangout on your PC.


Courses available We currently run the following courses as instructor-led online training:

Social Media Demystified – ½ day

This workshop is for those who are not familiar with using social media for business. By the end of the workshop, you will understand how to blog, tweet, use Facebook and LinkedIn and you will have received a roadmap of activities to do to get your business fully onto social media to increase traffic to your web site, improve customer service or develop your online reputation.

Social Media Blueprint – 2 days

This 3-day training course is aimed at providing businesses with the tools and resources to implement today’s latest social and digital strategies effectively and profitably. The workshop is based on Love Social Media’s own FLIRT™ approach. A simple 5-step formula (Focus, Listen, Integrate, Reach Out, Track) that has helped many businesses become successful in using social media.

Online Marketing introduction – 2 days

This training course is the perfect starting place for online marketing novices or business owners wanting to know how to start promoting their products and services online. The course covers the basic elements of search engine optimisation, social media marketing, online advertising, mobile marketing, email marketing, location services and analytics.


Social Media for Sales – 1 day

How does social media work for sales professionals? This workshop shows how social media is a powerful, proactive, inbound tool that attracts qualified prospects. But to be successful, you must understand how to develop a plan, identify goals, create custom groups and networks, craft dynamic profiles and pages, and to measure ROI.

Google+ Introduction – 1day

During this Google+ workshop you will learn to navigate and effectively use Google+ to expand your reach and connect with customers on new levels. We will cover the surprisingly nuanced functionality currently available for setup, circles, navigation, profiles, pages, communities, search, Google Hangouts etc.

Linkedin Introduction – 1 day

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network, with more than 200 million members across the globe. Members join LinkedIn at a rate of 2 per second! This LinkedIn for Business course will help you take your business global without travelling or cold calling ever again. Start building your professional network today!

Why Choose Love Social Media?

  • Expert instructors.
  • Access to Our Social Media Learning Library of Training Videos
  • 100% free re-take option with our Learning Guarantee
  • Discounts for Education and Charity Clients as well as Group Bookings


The investment in live online instructor led training is £597+VAt


What should you do next?

The first step to all of this is a good chat about your business and your needs. So drop us an email info@lovesocialmedia.com or give us a call at 0800 051 8447 and we’ll take it from there.

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