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What is today’s most powerful method for customer engagement and sales? Social media. Traditional marketing methods like – cold calling, telemarketing, snail-mail letters and ‘referral hoping’ are expensive and slow for switched-on sales professionals.

Today, if you are in a sales and business development role, social media is vital for leveraging networks of warm leads. We’ll show you the techniques to find the people you need to talk to, by name and location, even their email address! We guarantee to give you 20 leads to get you started!

All classes at Love Social Media Training begin at 9.30 in the morning and continue till 4.30pm. Lunch and refreshments included in the price. Enrol now in one of the best Social Media training courses!

Who is this course for?
What you will learn
Course Content

Anyone interested in learning how to leverage social media to grow their business. This class is perfect for anyone who works in sales who would like to learn how to use social media to increase sales, find new leads and opportunities and to keep your existing clients closer to you.

  • Use social media and the different social media tools to generate leads and improve your overall sales performance
  • Find your customers and prospects on social networks, online communities and discussion forums
  • Update your personal sales profile on all relevant social networks and start expanding your online connections
  • Find new sales opportunities by listening to online conversations from your clients, prospects and other relevant sales influencers
  • Start online conversations with clients and prospects through discussion groups, blogs, online events etc. Turning clients and prospects into friends
  • Start sharing content with your friends through LinkedinTwitter, Blogging etc. Turning friends and contacts into leads
  • Use tools like Linkedin and Twitter to research decision making units in your customers and prospects
  • Connect with other sales colleagues to share client references and up to date sales collateral
Social Media – Social Sales
  • The current social media landscape from a sales perspective
  • The social sales cycle – from sales funnel to customer journey
  • Customer intelligence – from customer info to customer insights
  • Sales collateral – From customer brochure to user generated content
  • Developing your social sales strategy – guidelines, tips and case studies
  • Where do your customers and prospects hang out?
  •  Social Media for business – why do companies use social media?
  • An overview of how companies present themselves on social networks
  • How companies use forums, blogs, social media networks, mainstream media, comment sections, message boards and consumer review sites to engage with their customers
  • How to find your clients, prospects, competitors and other stakeholders on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks – tools and tips
  • How to find the top influential bloggers, communities and forum groups in your market
  • Making youself ‘likeable’.
  • Personal branding – online expert or online superstar?
  • How to create and manage your professional profile on LinkedinTwitterFacebook and other relevant social network sites
  • Giving yourself an online identity – from your personal elevator pitch to your avatar
  • The power of recommendations – how to get them and how to leverage them
  • How to make your personal profile go viral through video and other online tools – Tools and tips
  • How to position yourself as an expert in relevant discussion groups and forums
Turning customers and prospects into followers and friends
  • Understanding the importance of listening as part of the sales process
  • Building a network: Guidance on how to connect with current contacts and reach out to targeted industry professionals
  • The power of connections – Twitter following and followers, Linkedin connections, Facebook friends, Google Circles
  • How to listen on TwitterLinkedinFacebook, blogs, forums, comment sections, message boards and consumer review sites
  • How to listen online to your clients, prospects, competitors and other stakeholders
  • How and where to listen online to stay on top of the trends within your industry
  • Setting up your personal social media listening station as your online listening hub – tools and tips on turning followers and friends into leads
  • Social Media engagement with customers/prospects on Linkedin (Groups, Answers, Polls), Twitter (Chat, Tweetups), Facebook (Groups, Apps)
  • Other types of social media engagement with customers/prospects – online chat, discussion forums, commenting, recommendations
  • Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook as tools for lead generation
  • Lead generation through online events on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Meet Up
  • Blogging as a lead generation tool
From desk to online sales research
  • Using Linkedin as a research tool to find contact information about clients, prospects, influencers, show connections and how to get introduced via people you know
  • How to use Linkedin Search to quickly search for people, companies and groups.
  • How to use LinkedIn’s ‘Advance Search’ feature to filter for keywords; location; plus 1st and 2nd degree connections and groups only.
  • Linkedin premium services for CRM and customer/prospect information
  • Using Twitter as sales research tool about customers/prospects. How to identify the Twitter profiles of your customers and prospects. Find out about behavioural patterns of key contacts
  • Facebook Timeline for Pages as a new research tool for customer/prospect research
  • How to use Social Bookmarking as online sales research catalogue tool
  • Examples of successful applications using Facebook Credits
  • Collaborate and share
  • Overview of tools for internal collaboration (Salesforce Chatter, SocialGo)
  • How to get answers fast by creating sharing product information, posting documents like pitch decks, customer success stories, objection handling presentations
  • Gather competitive intelligence by creating # hashtags for competitor information and make it searchable.
  • Set up private groups to function as virtual deal rooms. Team members can collaborate, share files, create meeting agendas, and strategize to win the account

The investment in training for this two-day public scheduled class is £597+VAT per person

If you’d prefer customised / private training for yourself or your company then prices start from £797+VAT per day. Call for a free quote

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