LinkedIn Sales Navigator Training Course

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Training Class 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an advanced sales tool that aids sales teams, organizations, and individuals to build and nurture customer relationships on the network. This also enables them to enhance their performance regarding sales and leads to boosted profits.

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, users can reach the right kind of customers by using the search and filter features. The application also provides actionable information and insights that pave the way for a deeper understanding of leads and prospects. This way, they can engage with them at a more personal level by offering personalized and tailored content and offers.

Furthermore, LinkedIn Sales Navigator keeps users’ personal and professional brands separate so they can easily focus on different things at different times.

This short LinkedIn Sales Navigator Course will provide a step-by-step guide to setting up a great campaign and then reviewing and optimising your account to achieve the best results for your business.

Whether you are considering using Sales Navigator  for the first time, or have been using it a while but not fully understanding how to get the most out of it, this course will give you insights into best practices, great tools and how to understand the data to determine if your campaign is working and what could be improved.

What You Will Learn
Course Content

Suitable for sales people, marketers and entrepreneurs who would like to generate leads using Sales Navigator.  Knowledge of standard Linkedin required

This course aims to show you:

  • Look over the Sales Navigator interface
  • How to get the best out of the Accounts feature
  • How to get the best out of the Leads feature
  • How to Create Lists
  • Sending Messgaes
  • Putting it all together in a campaign
  • Understanding TeamLink
  • Using the Mobile App
  • What is Pipedrive

This course covers the following topics:

The Interface

  • Look at the different licensing options
  • Look over the Sales Navigator interface
  • Setting Sales Preferences
  • SSI Score


  • What are accounts
  • Searching for Accounts
  • What can we learn from insights
  • Creating a Search
  • Saving a search
  • Adding tags and Notes
  • Search for tags
  • Optimising alerts and email notifications


  • What are leads
  • How to search for leads
  • What can we learn from the profile
  • Creating a Search
  • Saving a search
  • Adding tags and Notes
  • Search for tags
  • Optimising alerts and email notifications


  • Creating a saved list of accounts
  • Creating a saved list of Leads

Sending Messages

  • Warning 2 mailboxes
  • How to send a message
  • Icebreakers
  • Inmails

Put it all together

  • Over my shoulder look at how I use Sales Navigator

Understanding Teamlink

Using the Mobile App

Using Pipedrive

How Much Is Your Average Sale?

The Techniques We Show You On This Course Will Help You Bring In A Lot More Sales Than Your Initial Investment

The investment in training for this one-day public scheduled class is £697+VAT per person

If you’d prefer customised/private training for yourself or for us to come to your company then prices start from £1097+VAT per day. Call for a free quote

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