Training courses

The best training courses

Social Media Blueprint

  • How to determine which social media channels will best fit your audience and objectives
  • Which metrics are important and how to measure social media in your organization
  • How to put together a social media strategy and tactical plan to put social media to work immediately
  • How to...

Social Media for Sales Professionals

  • How to use social media selling in just 2 days
  • Use social media and the different social media tools to generate leads and improve your overall sales performance
  • Find your customers and prospects on social networks, online communities and discussion forums
  • Update your...

Social Recruitment

  • Coming soon...

Content Marketing

  • Why content marketing is important and its key benefits
  • Planning your content marketing strategy
  • Understand the role that content marketing plays in the owned, paid and earned media model
  • How blogging....

SEO 101

  • Identify and analyse your current SEO status
  • Understand your biggest SEO opportunities
  • Track and measure your SEO performance in the most effective way, whether you’re doing it in-house or using an agency
  • Monitor your...


  • How to make an account with LinkedIn
  • How to organize LinkedIn presence
  • Building network in a very efficient way
  • How to...

Google AdWords

  • Intro to Google AdWords
  • How to set up a Google AdWords account
  • Understanding different bidding strategies
  • How the...

Facebook Advertising Bootcamp

  • Learn how to execute Facebook campaigns
  • Create engaging ads by discovering best practices for creative and copy
  • Understand how to bidding works
  • Gain a...