Top 5 things from the Social Media Marketing World 2015 conference

Hi everyone,

 As some of you may know from the Love Social Media social media accounts, I was recently at the Social Media Marketing World 2015 (SMMW15) conference in San Diego, which was held between 25th-27th of March.

It was also good to meet those of you who we engage with on our social media channels.

As a first timer at SMMW, I was struck at the level of insight and quality content of the event.

I felt it covered every aspect of how social media can be used for business. These aspects ranged from sales and branding/brand awareness, to thought leadership, internal communications and services.

While there were lots of new concepts and strategies discussed for businesses, my top-five were:

Native video: Facebook and Twitter have started their assault on YouTube, with Facebook recently becoming the most used platform for video viewing. Twitter, in response to Meerkat (one of the most talked about aspects of the SMMW15 conference) has also launched Periscope, which allows the user to stream live video on Twitter.

Customer service: It’s not just Trip Advisor anymore, because Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites have joined the review fold.

One interesting aspect of the conference was the ‘Hug Your Haters’ concept, which explains how social media has forced a customer revolution. In short, it’s embracing complaints and turning good news into bad news. Find out more here.

Podcasting: Following the introduction of the Podcast App as standard (it’s been available since iOS6) on Apple’s iOS8 (and Google’s now defunct Google Listen for Android), podcasting is becoming more of a standard business practice.

Mobile friendly site = more website traffic: Social media is driving more and more traffic to websites. We all know that though, right? Basically then, Google has configured it so that not having a mobile-friendly website means your site will result in a demotion within their search rankings. Here’s everything you need to know.

Sorry, but you’ll have to pay for more Facebook engagement: Businesses realise that Facebook is big. They wouldn’t be on there otherwise, right? However, a recent update by Facebook saw a recent drop off in likes and engagements. However, it’s not a bad thing as it culled likes and engagements from inactive accounts that follow you.

It’s intended to create more up-to-date insights on followers who actively follow your page and keep data consistent. It acts as a filter of those who engage and those who don’t.

Therefore, the answer is simple – if you want more engagement and likes, you’ll have to pay for them… or, alternatively, create better in-house content for organic growth.

Anyway, those were my top-five highlights of SMMW15.

It’d be great to hear what were yours were!

Thanks, and see you next year

 – Marc Campman

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