Whether they are a local tweetup, a goodwill project, a product launching, or the world’s largest conference, events can be notoriously difficult to plan, promote, and execute. But the end result can be amazing, and that is why we plan them in the first place.

Whether you need to work with organizers, generate buzz, or share post-party photos, social media should be a primary weapon in your arsenal. With the power to share comes the ability to spread the word, increase awareness, and accomplish your goals. By communicating with customers before, during and after an event, you create word of mouth marketing, or “buzz”. This simultaneously brings customers to your event, engages them during the event and keeps them talking about it afterwards. The resulting buzz turns one event into a recurring event.

Love Social Media promotes your events online, distributing all the event information across a wide variety of social media channels.

Promotion is the key to any successful gathering.

Distribute information across all social media channels
Access to your target community groups
Good visibility equals free endorsement (READ: word of mouth marketing)
Make it easy for others to help you promote your event
Builds future followers, positioning you in the industry
Build your network over time to increase your reach and influence
Create and spread buzz about the event so that future events will get attention

Leverage your offline event with our smart social media marketing specifically tailored for events promotion. Here, we provide you seven proven and highly recommended methods that will maximize exposure of your event using online tools. From hashtags to Facebook events, from livestreaming to wrapping it up, we have it covered for you.

How We Can Help You

Here are some of the things we’d do to help promote your event

  • Create and promote a hashtag
  • Create a social media channel and promote the speaker
  • Have an Influencer Outreach campaign to attract social media “influencers” in your industry
  • Experiment with Facebook and LinkedIn Ads to Attract Visitors
  • Create a LinkedIn  or Facebook Group
  • Create unique content to help promote
  • Set up Eventbrite or MeetUp to generate online sales

What should you do next?

The first step to all of this is a good chat about your event and your needs. So drop us an email info@lovesocialmedia.com or give us a call at 0800 051 8447 and we’ll take it from there.

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