Empower your employees through Social Media for internal use


Popular social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have revolutionized how professionals communicate. As an HR professional, you must understand social media technologies in the workplace and set the parameters for using social media responsibly. Are there pitfalls? Sure. But Social Media for HR and the Enterprise will expose these, along with the wonderful opportunities for using social media to interact and communicate within all levels of your organization, as well as with job candidates, vendors, peer corporations, competitors, and more.


Social Media for HR and the Enterprise openly reveals and quickly familiarizes you with social media tools and best practices in the workplace. You’ll understand how to manage the legal risks and still use social media successfully and confidently across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other popular social media platforms.

Here’s a brief peek at the course:

  • What  is Social Media/Web 2.0?
  • How can HR professionals benefit?
  • Profession-based networking vs. and social networking
  • Social media use in recruiting, career development and employment branding
  • Internal and external legal risks of social media
  • Setting employee rules and social media policy for social media use
  • And much more!

Love Social Media Training offers you social media training courses in multiple cities: London, Glasgow, Manchester, and onsite wherever you are in the UK and Europe. Our instructors are chosen on the basis of their capability to deliver industry-related expertise and a wealth of knowledge to give you a rich experience in Social media tools and practices.

Love Social Media Training provides you high quality social media marketing training and ensures that it is a pleasure for you to attend and learn with us. We also offer you free of charge retake of the sessions, within 6 months of your first day of training, if there’s something you forget or just need refreshing. Thats the Love Social Media “Guarantee of Learning”.

All classes at Love Social Media Training begin at 9.30 in the morning and continue till 4.30pm. Lunch and refreshments included in the price. Enrol now in one of the best Social Media training courses!


  • Use social media to attract, develop and retain top talent.
  • Use social media to communicate and engage with employees.
  • Know more about how companies are using executive blogs and networks like Linkedin and chatter.
  • Create policies, procedures and practices to protect the organization from inappropriate online behaviour without stifling innovation.
  • Use social media to foster teamwork, collaboration, ideas generation and problem solving.
  • Assess your organisation’s readiness to benefit from the changes social media is bringing to the way people work and interact.


  • HR managers and directors responsible for charting the course for the next generation of HR in their organization
  • Recruitment managers responsible for recruiting new employees and establishing their company’s brand as an employer.
  • Corporate Communications Managers who are responsible for internal communications, managing cross-departmental and international communications within the organisation and developing employee engagement and internal brand ambassadors.
  • Corporate Communications Managers who are responsible for internal communications, managing cross-departmental and international communications within the organisation and developing employee engagement and internal brand ambassadors
  • Business unit managers who want to share best practices and capture ideas to further develop their company’s product and services portfolio based on input from employees within the company.


Participants who want to enrol on this course should bring their laptops that are able to
connect to WiFi. You must have a keen interest in getting to know abut the social media platforms and how to apply them


Enterprise social media

  • Typical user cases for social media in the enterprise
  • How to use enterprise social media to engage employees and deliver business results
  • How to leverage enterprise social networks in innovative ways
  • Understanding the value of helping employees find the people and information they need, faster
  • How internal social networking improves communication with customers

Social Media – Recruitment and Human Resources

  • The current social media landscape from a recruitment and HR perspective
  • The social recruitment cycle
  • Candidate intelligence – from candidate info to candidate insights
  • The Enterprise social media landscape
  • Developing your social HR strategy – guidelines, tips and case studies

Recruitment through social media

  • Social Media for business – why do companies use social media
  • An overview of how companies present themselves on social networks
  • An overview of how potential employees present themselves on social networks
  • Online recruitment: how recruitment is changing
  • Social recruitment case studies: who is doing it well
  • Future trends in social media and recruitment

Using key websites and social media tools in a digital recruitment context (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.)

  • Linkedin as a recruitment tool
  • How to create and manage your professional profile on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and other relevant social network sites

Your social Intranet

  • How to characterise the current and future capabilities of your intranet
  • How your intranet reflects your organisation’s priorities and culture
  • Define and develop a social intranet strategy, including roles and responsibilities
  • Build and leverage your relationships with other business functions
  • Making a business case to secure resources including return on investment, hard and soft benefits
  • Defining success measures and key performance indicators, usage statistics and analytics

Internal blogging

  • Getting started with blogs, discovering the blog basics, entering the blogosphere
  • Choosing and using/hosting blogging software
  • Blogging for internal ideas generation or capturing best practices
  • The CEO blog
  • Blogging tactics: blog calendar, guest blogging, blog design, blog distribution
  • Different blogging formats: micro blogging, video blogging, podcasting

Social Media guidelines and policies

  • Organisational and cultural issues: how much governance is right for your organisation
  • Legal and regulatory issues related to social media and how they affect your organisation
  • Key components of a social media policy
  • Elements of a social media governance programme
  • Real-world examples of social media governance issues and solutions


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