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If you are a creative or web developer, you’ve probably noticed that we stand at the epicentre of a creative explosion. Just five years ago, “freelancer” was an odd term reserved mostly for journalists and photographers. Today, the Internet revolution, combined with a soft world economy, has made freelancers of millions who now spend their days steeped in a virtual intersection of industries, disciplines and cultures unlike any previous generation.

Social Media for Creatives & Developers explores this revolution and the opportunities it holds for those who wish to pursue their creative passions as a means of making a living.

Love Social Media Training offers you social media training courses in multiple cities: London, Glasgow, Manchester, and onsite wherever you are in the UK and Europe. Our instructors are chosen on the basis of their capability to deliver industry-related expertise and a wealth of knowledge to give you a rich experience in Social media tools and practices.

All classes at Love Social Media Training begin at 9.30 in the morning and continue till 4.30pm. Lunch and refreshments included in the price. Enroll now in one of the best Social Media training courses!


Social Media for Creatives & Developers is a one-day course emphasizing the rich experience of promotion and branding via social media platforms that can help you market your services, source prospects and customers, build a portfolio and stay abreast of the latest creative knowledge.

Here’s a brief peek at the course:

  • Building a dynamic online presence
  • Growing your professional network of trusted contacts
  • Getting recommendations from trusted sources
  • Creating, storing and maintaining a living, breathing portfolio
  • Improving your visibility
  • Getting work
  • Finding collaborators and partners
  • Assembling an appropriately skilled virtual team
  • Networking with purpose around the virtual watercooler
  • Finding inspiration and staying motivated
  • Using platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, tumblr and Pinterest
  • Creating a global fanbase
  • Turning your creativity into a profitable advantage that draws prospects to you
  • Launching a blog
  • Measuring your success


This workshop is suitable for designers, developers, creatives, freelance designers and creatives, digital designers, artists and anybody else who want to showcase their portfolio of work online.


To gain the most from this class, students should be familiar with the web and its terminology.


Book this or any other Love Social Media Training Class  to receive a 10% discount on all subsequent classes  (after making your first booking contact us for your discount code).


If more than one person is registering at the same time, the following group discounts apply: 2 people: 10%,3 or more people: 20%. If you are representing a registered charity, please enquire directly for a 20% discount code

In-House / Private Bespoke Training

Customised Training courses held at your offices or ours. You choose the dates and the content and we’ll deliver a class that fits your requirements.

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