The 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report has some good news for small business marketers.

Michael Stelzner authored the third-annual industry study in which he surveyed 3342 marketers, 47% of whom were either self-employed or small business owners. This group reports some amazing results from social media marketing.

Report highlights the importance to social media and its top benefits to small business owners. Almost all marketers find that social media helps them stand out in an increasingly noisy marketplace. In fact, 88% of all marketers found social media helps get them increased exposure. Additionally, 72% of those surveyed saw increased traffic and subscriptions as a result of social media.

Small business owners are seeing the greatest results from social media marketing.

Increase customer base
Generate leads
Drive sales
Build awareness
Establish thought leadership
Educate customers
Customer-source part of your product development
Reach new channels of customers
Improve internal communication

Whether your social media marketing strategy needs redirection, redesign, or rejuvenation; Love Social Media is ready to listen to what matters most: your business goals, your priorities and your budget.

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