Love LinkedIn!

With huge global prominence in the commercial networking sector, it makes shrewd business sense to be wooed by and seen on the powerful social media platform that is LinkedIn. The numerous advantages of becoming a LinkedIn member include:

– Being ‘Linked-In’ to a rich and resourceful volume of ever-growing business contacts

– To seek, engage and cement beneficial business connections and partnerships

– To source and offer career opportunities

– Perusal of the latest industry intelligence, written by the industry specialists themselves

– The benefit of a free personal marketing platform; built to sell you! Pitch the perfect you!

When you are looking to stand out in one of the most prominent global business networks, a dull and amateurish profile page will leave you selling yourself short; and the business opportunities you have been searching for on the other side of the door. Unlocking the secret to a powerful and engaging LinkedIn Profile page is the key to achieving an effective and personal branding strategy. Effectively communicating your professional values to prospective employers, clients and business partners will gain more connections and opportunities for business success.

Cue Love Social Media! With our expertise in creating the perfect LinkedIn Profiles, Love Social Media will give your Profile a knock-out quality to project you a cut above the rest. From showing you how to spotlight your key skills to showcasing your experience with business tact and panache, our proven strategy will equip you with the tools you need to revamp your LinkedIn Profile into a polished and pristine business-opportunity machine!
It’s a Brand ‘You’ world…

No time on your hands or zeal left in your keyboard to sell yourself to the fullest?

LinkedIn Makeover For Your Personal Profile

With the Love Social Media LinkedIn Profile Makeover Package we will dedicate ourselves to personally enhancing your LinkedIn Profile page!
By fully optimising and enhancing your LinkedIn Profile page, our professional LinkedIn Profile Writers will promote your individual ‘professional brand’ – to sell your individual capabilities to LinkedIn’s global business community.
Being the proud owner of a concisely crafted and engaging LinkedIn Profile will further ensure successful Search Engine presence, increase your website traffic and ultimately attract fresh leads and new business connections, to encourage and maximise your career opportunities!

How will our professional LinkedIn Profile Writers do this?

– With a knock-out headline
– A concise and engaging personal summary, to highlight the value of ‘You’
– Strategic use of SEO keywords to place your personal profile in a number 1 ranking on LinkedIn
– A Vanity LinkedIn URL to strengthen your own professional brand
– Feature the latest Applications
– Enhance your professional profile with relevant key skills and areas of expertise
– Personalised contact settings to maximise your business connection capabilities
– Background information including Education, Awards, Achievements and Skills
– Appropriate use of personal information and any relevant additional information
– (Optional) Personal Introductory Video uploaded to your personal profile

Harness the power of your LinkedIn Profile today, with Love Social Media!

LinkedIn Makeover For Your Business Profile

All words say. The best words sell!

The best companies, big and small understand the importance and power of ‘The Brand’.
A confident brand sells, and your LinkedIn ‘shop front’ has the potential to reach millions – be it for recruiting the pick of the crop, attracting new business opportunities or for developing your global client base.

For these business-savvy reasons ensuring your LinkedIn Company Profile Page is fit for showcasing your services to its 200 million + members should be high on your agenda.

So spruce up and de-drab your online LinkedIn Brand today, with a Company Profile Page Makeover!
Our specialists will create a professional LinkedIn Company Page to optimise and communicate your business services, putting them where you need them; in the spotlight!

What can you expect from a Company Profile Page Makeover?
– Company Profile Page created with top SEO keywords to attract and retain prospects
– An informative Company Summary to ensure you stand-out from the competition
– A professional Overview and relevant portrayal of your Industry Specialism’s
– Effective Logo Image and Branding, to reinforce your Company’s identity
– Up to 10 detailed descriptions of your Products & Services
– A showcase of 3 Images to reinforce your Company Brand
– Creation of a YouTube Video to allow your online clients an engaging experience
Sell your company the way it deserves, with Love Social Media!

Prices for bother personal and business profile makeovers start from £297+VAT per person / company

What should you do next?

The first step to all of this is a good chat about your business and your needs. So drop us an email or give us a call at 0800 051 8447 and we’ll take it from there.