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Your target buyers are searching LinkedIn every day for the services you provide. Your LinkedIn profile is the first impression they will get of your brand. Unfortunately, many sales reps, entrepreneurs, marketers, and business owners have profiles that look like a CV, rather than a sales pitch to tell your target buyers:
  • Who you help
  • How you help
  • That you understand their business problem
  • How you’ve helped companies just like theirs in the past
  • How you can help them
Let Love Social Media help you leverage your skills and experience to bring your future clients to your page. We use optimized keywords in your headline, summary, experience, projects and skills that will help you appear in more searches and get your target buyers to your page.

Once we’ve drawn them to your page, there is still work to be done to turn that searcher into your future client. Your profile needs meaningful and engaging content that will turn a casual browser into a lead with strategic calls to action.

Your Linkedin profile should be buyer centric. The whole goal is to get your clients and prospects to feel like you are going to be able to help them, all the while understanding that you are a human being and have interests and passions outside of the business world. Your profile should work to first attract attention, then promote engagement and leads. Rather than obsessing over finding the best headshot, here are the most important sections to consider in your LinkedIn Profile:


With over over 6 billion people on LinkedIn, you have to make an immediate impression. A strong headline gives a snapshot of who you are and how you can solve your clients problem.


Your summary needs to reiterate your purpose and mention who you help and how you help them as well as how to contact you

Current Experience:

If your current experience section bears an eerie resemblance to your CV, then your visitors are likely to think you’re looking for a new job, rather than looking to do your current job. Instead, focus on how you are solving problems for your clients in your present position.


Use this section to add relevant, interesting multimedia to your profile. Share YouTube videos, or link to other websites that help illustrate your strengths and capabilities. Help your future clients visualize what you can do.

Optimize Your Sales Team’s LinkedIn Profiles!

If one great LinkedIn profile can help accelerate your business, imagine what five, ten, or one hundred could do! No, you don’t have to make all those profiles yourself; your sales reps, account executives, marketing team, and any employee with a customer-facing role are all an extension of your business, so put their accounts to work for you. We can help you activate your team’s profiles with tools that will help your potential buyers to find your business and navigate your services. Make your buyer’s experience on your site clear, engaging, and relevant to their needs with our tricks and tools.
Get started with LinkedIn Profile Revamp for your entire sales team.

Let us help you with Your LinkedIn Profile Revamps from Love Social Media

Are you struggling to get the right visitors to your site?

Your LinkedIn profile is your potential client’s first impression of your business, and it can be a daunting challenge to figure out how to make it read like a sales pitch—telling your strengths and specific skills to serve your buyer’s needs—rather than a CV of your accomplishments. Let Love Social Media take over with a Profile Transformation.

We will craft a profile that is proven to increase traffic and engagement with your target audience. We’ll start with the same questions we have asked thousands of our clients:
  • Does your LinkedIn profile explain how you help your customer?
  • Do your buyers trust you are providing insightful information to help them?
  • Is your profile written using the language of your buyer?
  • Is your LinkedIn profile a resource to your buyers?

Get a Linkedin profile that generates new business enquiries

Your Linkedin profile is the first thing a buyer sees when they Google you. Don’t undermine your sales efforts with a weak Linkedin profile that makes you look unprofessional, irrelevant or amateur.

“Turn your Linkedin profile into a 24/7 lead generation tool”

  • Positions you as a trusted authority and expert in your industry
  • Increases the likelihood of being found by sales-ready buyers
  • Generates more inbound enquiries and leads


We maximise your LinkedIn Profile using advanced LinkedIn SEO, ace copywriting, professional design and our pioneering superpower hacks that will turn you from a ‘maybe’ into a ‘must-see’. This service includes:
£ 297
  • Customized Questionnaire.
  • Advanced Profile (SEO)
  • Professional Copywriting
  • Professional Image Design
  • Professional Image Design


We enhance your LinkedIn Company Page so that, no matter what size your business is, it’ll punch well above its weight. This service includes:
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  • Customized Questionnaire
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We maximise your Sales teams LinkedIn Profiles using advanced LinkedIn SEO, ace copywriting, professional design and our pioneering superpower hacks that will turn you from a ‘maybe’ into a ‘must-see’. This service includes:
  • Customized Questionnaire
  • Advanced Profile (SEO)
  • Professional Copywriting
  • Professional Image Design
  • LinkedIn Groups Suggestions
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