We’ll bring social media marketing training to your site.. The result? Everyone switched on, geared up and all on the same page!

Perhaps you have considered custom social media marketing training, but assumed the cost would be too great. Or perhaps the issue is your crazy schedule…after all, whenever could you fit in a training class?

Good news. Love Social Media understands, and we have worked diligently to solve these common challenges.


Customised  Private Training and  Group Training

Do you or your group need learn social media marketing skills?

  • You give us a picture of your company brand, policy and dynamics and our private /  group training will quickly train your staff in the way your company and your customers can interact
  • Valuable user knowledge of social media strategies and techniques.
  • The result is an efficient team that understands best practices with today’s demanding social media marketing environment as it applies to your brand and business model.

The Seven Advantages for Customised Private Group Training

  1. Limit travel expenses and out-of-office time. Our location, your location or remote location training, as you wish.
  2. Training can be tuned to your workflow practices.
  1. Customized curriculum and designed to suit your team’s skill level, their special and individual bias and your company’s targets and expectations.
  2. Flexible class date scheduling – over a whole day, 2-3 days or multiple half days.
  3. Selected books and materials and an instructor who will design a customised needs analysis.
  4. Confidentiality in the class – gives students the confidence to share freely.
  5. Completed training is evaluated to make sure all goals and objectives are achieved, and each student earns a certificate of completion.

What should you do next?

Mail us at info@lovesocialmedia.com or call 0800 051 8447 and we’ll take it from there.