Generation Y’s consumer behaviour on social media

Generation Y make up a large percentage of populations in developed and emerging economies.

According to statistics to, the generation born between the early 1980s and early 2000s make up 23 per cent of the UK population.

The data also revealed that of the total UK population who use mobile phones, 98.6 per cent of them fall into the Generation Y bracket. It also demonstrated they make up 87.7% of the entire smartphone using demographic.

Generation Y is also the largest percentage of the population using social media.

Using information from trend forecasting and brand strategy firm Trendera, Portuguese infographic editor Carlos Monteiro has presented further findings on Generation Y’s consumer behaviour via social media, and which digital devices they mostly use in order to do this.

Monteiro 1

His outcome has been further complimented by research from Pinpoint Market Research via Jennifer Jones’ Social Marketing Blog.

The results dictate how brands should use social media to develop brand loyalty, how they should build relationships with their consumers, and understand which content works and which doesn’t with their target audience.

Statistics from findings

• On smartphones, 45% of Generation Y users watch YouTube videos

• 76 per cent own a laptop (operating system not disclosed)

• 40 per cent own an iPhone; average daily time spent on device = 2.6 hours

• Preferred social networks?

–       Facebook: 36%

–       Instagram: 30%

–       LinkedIn: 12%

–       Pinterest: 2%

–       Snapchat: 2%

• 67 per cent have followed a brand on social media

• 62 per cent claimed the #1 reason they follow brands is for exclusive offers

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