Four things you didn’t know about Facebook video

In January 2015, Facebook became the biggest video-sharing platform for brands. Throughout last year, 180,000 Facebook video posts across 20,000 pages owned by various companies were examined.

The results showed that over the 2014 Christmas period, brands posted around 20,000 more videos on Facebook than YouTube – the website that before January 2014, had been the dominant video platform.

Why, then, are brands taking more to Facebook rather than YouTube?

We’ve listed five things you didn’t know about Facebook Video to help you discover the answer…

1. Autoplay: with Facebook’s Autoplay feature for videos on mobile devices, your brand immediately becomes more engaging. The video will play silently on the viewer’s device and hopefully – should your video contain movement within the first three seconds to capture their attention – they will engage with a full-screen version version with sound, and hopefully your brand.

2. Channel on video app: Featured videos are currently rolling out on Facebook, but the idea is, is that when you add a featured video, it is more prominent and located above your About section (click here to find out what we mean) . This space is used to promote any videos or upcoming events. However, it’s worth noting that as Facebook is still in the process of rolling out the feature, there is no way to request it… yet. You’ll know you have it when you hit the Video tab, and see the Add a Featured Video button.

3. Embed Facebook videos in your blog/website posts: Like YouTube, Facebook videos have an embed feature. They play in the blog posts and all comments and previous post interactions can also easily be seen.

Well, you may be thinking: “how do I embed a post?” The good news is, it’s incredibly simple:

• Go into the full video
• Click Embed Post (the one between Edit Video and Delete Video)
• A pop-up box will appear – copy and paste the code from the pop-up into your website CMS, and the video should appear.

4. You can download videos: So, you’ve uploaded a video from Instagram to Facebook or maybe even your games console. Either way, you want to download it. The good news is, you can and it’s easy. All you have to do is:

• Find the video you want to download on the relevant page; click to open it
• Change the URL from http:/www.facebook to http://m.facebook -> this will take you to a full-screen mobile view
• Right click the video, select “save video as” -> MP4 -> choose name and file and save to your computer (If you right click and have not played the video, this option does not come up)

Should you know any other Facebook video secrets, feel free to share them in our comments…

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