Facebook’s latest feature – the ‘Call-to-Action’ button

Last week on the blog, we covered four things you didn’t know about Facebook video and guess what? This week we’re covering another new feature on the world’s most popular social media platform – its new ‘Call-to-Action’ button.

The Call-to-Action button is currently in its roll-out phase, so if you have it, it should be found on the cover photo of the Facebook page you manage. If you don’t have it yet, then just keep checking. It should appear sooner than later.

Take a look below to see what the button will look like on your page.

Call-to-Action 1

What, then, is the Call-to-Action feature? Essentially, it’s a way of driving traffic to anywhere you’d like. Hopefully, if you’re reading this, you’ll be using it to increase your business opportunities via Facebook – we all know the saying: “no money no funny.”

Call-to-Action 2

How to use Facebook’s Call-to-Action button

There are seven calls-to-action on the button, which include:

• Book Now

• Contact Us

• Use App

• Play Game

• Shop Now

• Sign Up

• Watch Video

It’s up to you to decide which Call-to-Action you go for, but we’ve gone for ‘Contact Us’. If you’re not sure though, have a look at our pointers below and we might be able to give you some suggestions:

• Book Now (if you already like what you see, why not make an introductory appointment with us)

• Contact Us (if you like what you see, but want some more information, click here to drop us an email or give us a call)

• Use App (we don’t have an App, but if we did, you could click here to access it)

• Play Game (again, if your product is a video or mobile game, click here to access it via Facebook)

• Shop Now (if you want to buy anything from us, click here to do so)

• Sign Up (click here to sign-up to our communications list – this should be your default setting)

• Watch Video (this is the *the* one to use, if you have a video which sells you and your company’s story)

But the most important thing in getting your Call-to-Action button to work for you?

You need an awesome Facebook cover photo to attract attention to your Call-to-Action. The better it looks, the more people will look. Simple.

If you want to share your experiences of using the Facebook Call-to-Action button, then please leave a comment in the box below…

*The Facebook call-to-action does not currently work on mobile versions of the social media site.

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