Can’t attend Social Media Marketing World 2015? That’s no problem…

For those of you who can’t make it to the Social Media Marketing World 2015 (that’s SMMW15 or #SMMW15, if we’re getting technical) in San Diego, USA,  it may seem a little late to sign up now.

After all, it runs from today and finishes on Friday March 27th.

The good news is, is it’s not an issue if you can’t get there. The SMMW hosts – the good people from Social Media Examiner – will provide full recordings of every social media marketing session which is held over the next three days.

Therefore, it’s possible to view playbacks on your computer, tablet or smartphone whenever you want.

To further ensure you don’t miss out, MP3s of each session will be made available for download.

So now you’ve signed up, and are either on site or ‘attending’ remotely with your recordings, what other content can you look forward to?

We’ve taken a look at the top four reasons to tune in/attend…

1 – More than 100 expert-led social media marketing sessions: Over the next three days, over 100 social media marketing sessions will be held at SMMW15 by leaders from brands such as IBM, LinkedIn and Honda. What’s better? They’re all practical, so you should discover the latest ways of deploying and tracking social tactics.

2 – Reduce your social media’s trial and error time: Fed up with throwing stuff at your social media and it doesn’t work? The experts at this event will help you establish what really works on your social media channels, and how to measure it.

3 – Networking: Okay, this might be a bit difficult if you’re viewing from behind a screen, but hey, that’s what social media is for, isn’t it? Either way, SMMW15 provides the chance to network after keynotes, lunch and during the evening.

4  – Meet the experts: That’s not to say you aren’t, but it’s always good to listen to others, isn’t it? SMMW15 is the largest gathering of social media thought leaders… in the world. The best thing is, is that they’re all accessible to you.

To sign up and more information about SMMW15, click here.

Also remember to tell us about your impressions from previous and this year’s SMMW meet-up in the comments box below…

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