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One of the main reasons why corporate entities are waking up to social selling (also referred to as Sales 2.0) is that the customer is already there. Review these statistics which only reinforces this point:

38,000,000 people in the US age 13 – 80 said their purchasing decisions are influenced by social media, a 14% increase in the past six months (Source: Knowledge Networks)

1,000,000 people view customer service related tweets every week, with 80% of them being critical or negative in nature (Source: TOA Technologies)

132.5 million people in the US will use Facebook this year; by 2013 the number will increase to 152.1 million (Source: eMarketer)

59% of Internet users use at least one social networking service, compared to 34 percent who did in 2008 (Source: Pew Internet)

176,000,000 US Internet users watched online video content in May 2011, an average of 15.9 hours per viewer(Source: comScore)

81 minutes was the average daily use of mobile apps in June 2011, compared to 74 minutes for the Web (Source: Flurry)

750,000,000 monthly active users for social networking giant Facebook, up from 500 million active monthly users last year (Source: TechCrunch)

12% of US adults had an e-book reader as of May 2011, up from 6% in November 2010 (Source: Pew Internet)

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