FLIRTONOMICS – How to Attract, Date and Love your Customers on Social Media


It’s finally here. My first book. “FLIRTONOMICS, How to Attract, Date and Love your Customers on Social Media”. For all those people who attended my workshops last year and for all those people who will do so this year, this is a must-read. In stead of having to sift through all the slides of my workshops, you can now read about what I presented at the time and place you want, and on the device that you want. Order the book as a paperback ( or as an electronic book (Kindle edition) and get my latest knowledge about how our FLIRT approach can help you implementing your social media to successfully grow your business.

FLIRT is not just an acronym for Focus, Listen, Integrate, Reach out and Track. Its also a concept of why businesses should use social media. Social Media is like online dating.  You are trying to connect with people online (prospects, customers, influencers). You are going to give them content they like in order to grow your online reputation. When you convert this reputation into trust, they are happy to engage in a relationship with you. In other words, they are happy to become your customer.  If you put enough effort in your Social Media, they will buy from you again and they will recommend you to their friends. In essence this is about flirting and about love.

And that’s why we are Love Social Media. By founding “Love Social Media” we (my business partner Mark Young and myself) created a way to share our love for Social Media with people and businesses. We  challenge the relationships that companies have with their customers. We do this by offering Social Media training and services that are getting to the heart of customer conversations and relationships. And this book will hopefully inspire you to love your customers just a little bit more.

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